Beyond Creative Block Terms & Conditions

These standard terms and conditions apply to all contracts and all work undertaken by Beyond Creative Block for its Clients. Please read the terms and conditions carefully as any purchase or use of our services indicates the acceptance of our terms and conditions in full.

Fees and Deposits

Client will receive, via e-mail, the charges for services to be provided by Urban Block Media as defined in the initial project quote. The quote is valid for a period of 30 days. If the quote expires, Beyond Creative Block reserves the right to modify and resubmit it to the Client. Discounts applied to the initial quote, may not always be reapplied after expiration of the initial quote.

For website design and development projects, Beyond Creative Block reserves the right to withhold work commencement until deposit has been paid in full, unless otherwise agreed upon with the Client. A deposit of 20% of the total fee payable for the project is due immediately upon the Client instructing us to proceed with website design and developmental work. A second charge 40% of the total fee payable is due immediately upon Client’s approval of designs that include, but are not limited to, logos, website layout, color, etc. The final 40% of the total fee payable is due upon project completion prior to release of materials and/or upload to the server.

For print projects, all projects are to be paid in full before print production begins.

For events, we require that the Client pays 35% of the overall event budget. Client will pay additional expenses including, but not limited to, out-of-pocket expenses at cost to us and mileage reimbursement for expenses incurred outside of normal commuting.

Under the condition that we have not fulfilled our obligation to deliver work according to the project agreement, credit will be applied on a per project basis. Credit will not be applied if developmental work has begun on the project and the Client terminates the agreement through no fault of Beyond Creative Block.


Materials eligible for submission for project completion include, but are not limited to, graphic logos, photographs and written copy. Client is responsible for obtaining permissions and rights for use of any information or files from a third party. Client is also responsible for supplying Beyond Creative Block with the required materials to complete work to the agreed upon specifications.

Any flies provided by the Client for print will be submitted to printer unaltered by Beyond Creative Block. All files must either be in the EPS or PDF format. The Client must ensure that the file they submit is print ready.  Upon request, print guidelines will be provided to the Client.

If a Client delays in supplying necessary materials delays completion of work, Beyond Creative Block reserves the right to extend any previously agreed upon deadline. If work progress is prevented as a result of Client failing to provide materials, Beyond Creative Block also reserves the right to invoice for any parts of work already completed.

Revisions and Reviews

Client will be offered the opportunity to make revisions to the design. Beyond Creative Block reserves the right to limit the amount of design proposals and revisions to a reasonable amount. Additional charges may apply for additional designs if a change is made to the original design specification.

During the design phase, the Client will be provided the opportunity to review the appearance and content of the project. Client will also be able to review these items upon completion of the project. Upon completion of the project, all items will be deemed as accepted and approved unless the Client provides written notice, such as e-mail, within 7 days of the date in which they received the materials of the project.


The Client retains the copyright to files, logos, and data provided to them and grants Beyond Creative Block the right to publish and use those materials. The client is responsible for obtaining permissions and rights for use of any information or files from a third party. The Client is also responsible for granting us permissions and rights for use of those same materials. We will be held unaccountable for any and all claims resulting from the Client’s inability or negligence to obtain the proper copyright permissions.


Beyond Creative Block will, under no circumstance, disclose any Client’s confidential information to a third party.


Clients are responsible for maintaining the backup of their own website. Beyond Creative Block will not be liable in regards to restoring any and all client data or websites unless the losses are as a result of negligence by us. Client may choose to pay additional fees for Beyond Creative Block to provide backups of their website and data.

Credit for Design

Upon accepting us to design your project, any work developed by Beyond Creative Block may be presented in our portfolio. A small type or small icon will be placed at the bottom of the Client’s website or printed project. The icon will be designed to fit with the overall design of those items.

Event Rentals

If the Client is to rent items for events from Beyond Creative Block such as, but not limited to, servingware and décor elements, they will be held liable to return these items in the condition in which they were provided. Failure to return the rental items in the condition in which they were provided to the Client will result in the reimbursement to Beyond Creative Block for the damages.